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The Writing to Heal workshop truly transformed my life. Not only was I looking for something to help heal the trauma from a health scare, but I was also yearning for something to help me unleash my inner writer. This workshop introduced me not only to incredible tools for healing through writing, it has also helped me find the confidence to share my work with others. This workshop has lit a spark in me that I truly believe will help me achieve my dreams of writing something meaningful, to share my story with the world. Thank you Susan for the incredible guidance!

Darya Danesh

This is not only a gift of writing but a sure way for you to regain your life back. This course is transformational and inspirational at the same time. It gave me confidence and an opportunity to look at life events from a different perspective. Susan coached us in such a compassionate manner and non-judgemental atmosphere, that you can reconnect with yourself- your true nature that is always there but you neglected somewhere along the way. I would sincerely recommend this course to anyone.

Maja T

I opted for the one-on-one coaching with Su, and was curious to how effective the Writing to Heal programme would be for me. I had tried some other courses and mindfulness training, when I came across The Oak Table Writers website. Within the first two meetings I had with her, I was already able to access some deeply buried emotions, that were keeping me from being fully emotionally available in my present life. Through the weekly writing exercises, I was able to move past my old emotional blocks, and since taking the programme I have continued to use the techniques I learned, and now keep a journal in which I let go all the thoughts, emotions and feelings that arise which helps regulate my state of mind. I would greatly recommend The Writing to Heal Programme to anyone who feels stuck in the past, and needs inspiration to start afresh.
                                                                      George S
Su, Your warmth and openness and your obvious passion for the power of self-healing through writing laid the foundation for an incredible experience of growth and learning in the Writing to Heal workshop. I felt a powerful bond with our group and the support that we gave each other far exceeded my expectations. I won't easily forget my workshop collaborators! Most importantly as I continue on my journey, I feel that I have a new set of tools to help me deal with life's challenges...
I've already experienced a lot of relief through the transactional and affirmative writing exercises. Thank you for your commitment to this work. I hope we meet again soon.


Joining The Oak Table Writers - Writing to Heal workshop was so beneficial for me. I was especially pleased with the confidentiality of the group which helped me to open up, and get the full benefit of the workshop. Susan was very professional, organized and certainly knew her stuff. Her feedback on my writing was very encouraging, especially as I am embarking on a new life journey. I feel I now have the courage to stand in front of a group and speak confidently, something I couldn't previously do. Thank you for the transformative experience I received during the workshop.

Montrose Townsend

A tremendous writing workshop experience, thanks to Susan's advice and her clear writing instructions, and to her creative feedback of The Oak Table Writers during our group meetings. I've gained confidence writing Non-Fiction short stories, as I've explored some emotional upheavals in my childhood/teenage years, from various perspectives with an attitude of Compassion and Forgiveness. And I have no doubt whatsoever that the Gratitude Journal we received at the beginning of the workshop, is a wonderful project that leads to dig up creative Writing-to-Heal narratives too!

Amina R

I am delighted with the result of my participation in The Oak Table Writers workshop... It opened doors for me that were closed for a long time. The sincerity of the people that I had the pleasure to work with will stay with me all my life. I wanted to write again, but only if it was worth my and other people's while. The experience has strengthened my belief that I should write. I feel grateful, humble and fearless. The workshop experience was a lesson in humility, through which I have discovered that wounds that blocked me have healed without me even knowing it. The way we mapped our thoughts as a group, through the various exercises has given me great insight. I feel connected...

Mattheus Hemelrijk

The Writing to Heal Workshop was a course in redemption for me. It gave me the courage to forgive myself, and in doing so I was able to begin to forgive others. Through Susan's loving and compassionate guidance I came to the realization that there is never a single story, and that my experiences were a part of a much larger collection of stories, with varying points of view. Through the Gratitude and Empathetic exercises we practised, I was able to finally reach out and get in touch with a few people that I had lost touch with. The workshop really really helped me to overcome my feelings of blame and resentment, and I have never felt better than I do now, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
                                                                   E.J. Huisman