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Writing For Wellness Workshops &  Private Coaching  in the Amsterdam area.    

Corporate Writing for Wellness Workshop, Amsterdam

Emotional wellbeing transforms workplaces into environments that bring out the best in people. And an open, content and creative mind is the most important tool an employee can possess. It is my mission to help individuals and organisations nurture, strengthen and develop this precious tool through my transformative - Writing for Wellness Workshops, that help participants overcome stressful situations, and discover new ways to manage emotional upheavals. 

Stress and anxiety are two modern day conditions that have a huge impact on our ability to experience happiness and peak performance in our private and professional lives, aspects which my Corporate Writing for Wellness programme is specifically designed to address among other things.

The act of writing engages internal healing resources that affect mental, emotional and physical health, and writing as a healing tool, has been proven to among other benefits, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, minimize stress, strengthen the immune system, and enhance self-esteem.

No writing experience is necessary to benefit from my workshop. I will guide participants through a progression of restorative writing exercises which will help them tap into their inner healing voices, and aid behaviuoral transformation.

Drawing upon my experience as a creative writer and coach, I bring transformative approaches delivered in a creative way.My workshops aren't writing sessions; they are sessions where participants learn fresh techniques that can help with actual situations in the workplace. These include Storytelling, Team-Building, Brainstorming, and Problem-solving.

I bring my successful workshop right into your workplace with my corporate classes. I come, I coach, you benefit.

Your employees can also enrol in my regular scheduled group workshops ( for more info on this, please refer to workshops).

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