The Oak Table Writers

Writing For Wellness Workshops &  Private Coaching  in the Amsterdam area.    


The Oak Table Writers is a creative home in the Amsterdam area and Online, that promotes the use of writing as a powerful tool for nurturing well-being and growth. A highly effective and restorative Writing for Wellness programme is offered by writer and coach Susan J. Nassuna, which fosters physical, mental and emotional health through the dynamic use of language, therapeutic storytelling, poetry therapy, and the cultivation of life-enhancing practices such as, Mindfulness and Compassion.

No writing experience is necessary to benefit from the life-transformative programme that is specifically designed to help participants overcome past trauma, and discover new ways to manage stressful life situations in an intimate, safe, and supportive environment.

When our lives blow up in some traumatic way, we experience intense suffering which can affect every aspect of our lives including home and work life, leaving us feeling vulnerable, miserable and stuck. Unable to move on, we are held hostage by a myriad of toxic emotions which could range from fear, anxiety, depression to anger, shame and guilt. Left unchecked, this uncomfortable state of being could lead to a lifelong detachment from our authentic nature, making it difficult for us to experience happiness and contentment in our present lives.

Research shows that writing about life's stresses helps us heal from physical, mental and emotional ailments. Writing our stories frees up buried emotions and thoughts giving rise to revelations about how we have lived our lives, and often people solve problems while writing, and are able to make organized stories out of messy complicated experiences they've had.

The therapeutic nature of coming into contact with like-minded people, seeking emotional clarity and liberation from old self-sabotaging habits is a very powerful and nurturing experience, that inspires tenacity and resilience in The Oak Table Writers' Workshops and Retreats participants, empowering them to transform their lives by changing the stories they tell about themselves, and about others.

writing to heal emotional pain, Amsterdam
writing for wellness, Amsterdam

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